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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Memorey Low Delete Some Data - Nokia Phone Error Solution

Memory low delete some data Nokia error – this is common error in many Nokia phones.
This problem is caused by hidden file lifeblog.db .You cannot see or delete this file normally. (S60-V3, V5) But when you Check Phone memory your Phone shows many bytes of free memory. To free up memory by Deleting this file follow steps given below.

  1. Download Y-Browser From DrJukka (Free Test Version) or from Nokia Store (Rs 10 Signed version)
  2. Install to memory Card.
  3. Go to Your App and Locate Y-Browser
  4. Go to Following location “C:\DATA\lifeblog \Database”
  5. Rename “Database” to “Database1”
  6. Now browse “C:\DATA\lifeblog \Database1\ Lifeblog.db”
  7. Delete “Lifeblog.db” file
  8. Again Rename “Database1” to “Database”
  9. That’s All.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How to Install unsigned SIS application on Nokia Phone

If you are using N73,N95 or E-series then it is easy to fix this. You can Crack your phone's os for this. After that you will be able to install any unsigned. For this click on Link below download software, copy to your phone and install. I tested this on My Nokia.

Click Here to Download