Sunday, June 24, 2012

Advanced GIS analysis

Upcoming Events and Tutorial on this Blog
This will tell you advanced, like water Drainage.. etc
you can use following Software for Water Analysis

List of GIS Softwares for analysis (Upcoming Tutorials)
  1. ArcGIS 10 (Drainage and Watershed Analysis, Editing and many more tasks)
  2. Erdas 9.2 or 11 (Classfication , Supervised and unsupervised , image correction)
  3. ENVI (Used for Same as Erdas)
  4. Geomatica (used for DEM creation from pair of images)
  5. Autocad Map 3D (format exchange between ArcGIS and Erdas
We will tell you about following in Next Days..
  1. Hydrological analysis
  2. Watershed Evaluation
  3. Classification in Erdas
  4. SQL in GIS
  5. Advance Editing
  6. DEM correction
  7. Contours to DEM.
  8. Interpolation
  9. Visualization
  10. Slope
  11. ..and many more

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